Yaakov Dostrovski:

Moshe's predecessor, Yaakov (Nickname Dori) took a strategic position in New York to facilitate the

largest clansdine movement in world history. Yaakov trained Charles how to execute a Zionist master

plan that moved tens of thousands of Jews right past the their enemies' blockades into Palestine.

Over 120 surplus war ships, reconditioned in New York Harbor, sailed mostly Holocaust

survivors in from Europe to Palestine, starting in 1933 until Israel's reestablishment in 1948.

Unfortunately, many of the ships were blocked and were either turned away or had their passengers

and crew arrested and sent to Cyprus internment camp of the coast of Turkey.

In 1939, Dori was appointed Chief of Staff of the Haganah, a position he held until 1946. It was

Yaakov's duty to take the Haganah from a diffuse self defense organization to a model army. From

1946 to 1947 he also headed the Palestinian Jewish delegation sent to purchase arms in the

United States.

When the IDF was formed, Dori took over as its first Chief of Staff. Yet, despite his good command

and organizational skills, he was already suffering from failing health, and had difficulty commanding his troops during Israel's War of Independence, and was forced to rely heavily on his deputy, Yigael Yadin. He completed his term as Chief of Staff on November 9, 1949 and retired from the military. He was succeeded by his deputy, Yadin. Even after his release from the army, however, he continued to wear the officer's pin he was awarded when he first became a second lieutenant.

Upon leaving the IDF, Dori was appointed chairman of the Science Council, attached to the Prime Minister's office. He was later made president of the Technion in Haifa, a position he held until 1965.

Yaakov Dori was married to a teacher named Badana, from the Ukraine.

His son, Yerachmiel Dori, served as commander of the IDF's Engineering Corps. His daughter, Etana Padan, is a biochemist and a professor of microbial ecology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem..