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Title: REBIRTH - Genre: Historical Fiction/Action/Drama—Based on Actual Events.
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LOGLINE: Within days of their release from Hitler, survivors battle radicalized Arabs, post-war Nazi's and British forces in establishing a homeland of 2000 years before. With a second Holocaust imminent, Jews face impossible barriers in creating the most controversial nation in history.

Synopsis: Based on actual events, Charles Devonshire sails the Mediterranean to flee his parents who distribute propaganda in Los Angeles—even after Hitler’s death.

But sixteen days into his journey, Charles experiences atrocities against innocent Jews, when a British destroyer seizes the passenger ship he’s aboard. Soldiers declare Holocaust survivors “illegal immigrants” for attempting to seek refuge in British-ruled Palestine. Amidst a violent struggle on deck, they send thousands of Jews to an internment camp in Cyprus, which had been designated for Nazi war criminals—German inmates maintain the island’s landscape, just outside the Jewish camps.

Although this persecuted race had been liberated from Hitler’s tyranny, only a minority seem to recognize this continuing breech of human rights—and the world’s press is nearly silent about it. Charles faces difficulty in bringing awareness to an ongoing conspiracy against Jews.  

Reaching Palestine, Charles falls in love with a mysterious librarian who introduces him to the Jewish underground. Watching an oppressed race with an undying will to survive, the American youth sees prophecies unfold when Israel declares nationhood—this draws five attacking countries to attempt the annihilation all Jews and their American collaborators in the region.

Outnumbered by a hundred-to-one in troops with no tanks, planes or heavy artillery, military experts deem Hitler’s “final solution” reconstituted within two weeks. But somehow the under-estimated Jewish underground causes the largest military upset in history. The unlikely victory shows an obvious divine intervention and catapults this tiny country to become a mighty superpower in the Middle East.

In addition to thirty years of researching biblical history, I also had an active correspondence with Zippora Porath, an eyewitness to Israeli independence. She volunteered in the Jewish military in 1947. Rt. Brigadier General, rabbi Israel Drazin, gave the novel five stars on Amazon.

The legacy of Rebirth (1945-1948) sets the stage for Redeem (1948-1967) and Remain (1967 to future prophecy). I will be happy to send you sample chapters or the completed manuscripts of the novel or screenplay. There’s also enough material to compose multiple seasons for streaming entities such as NetFlix, which aired “The Bible” with over 13 million views.

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