The Rosenthal family: Rabbi Jesse, his wife Elizabeth and their grown son Samuel.

The Rosenthal family was bunked across the aisle from Charles on the seventeen-day Atlantic crossing from New York to Palestine in the early summer of 1945. Seeing Charles alone, Rabbi Jesse befriended him and with no one else willing to listen, he filled Charles with all the reasons why Jews were giving up the good life in America to migrate to a barren desert land, filled with uncertainty. It took a strong belief in the prophetic Word to move one's family into Palestine.

Unknown to anyone until the ship encountered turbulent waters in the Mediterranean, Samuel revealed his tragic experience as a Holocaust survivor. From that point forward, Charles had a first had look at the after effects the atrocity had on survivors and he finally understood why Samuel woke the deck up in the middle of the night with screaming nightmares. Samuel had added many other surprises to everyone's shock and surprise.

Elizabeth showed Charles what a caring, loving mother and wife was supposed to be like. She also had a boldness that Charles concluded was the opposite of his mother.

The reader will ultimately fall in love with this family as they witness first hand how average individuals handled the turmoil and excitement of their pioneering efforts in Palestine.

Many other characters fill Rebirth's pages with fascinating twists and turns as the story draws the reader into a world that seemed unreal. Yet Rebirth allows the reader to experience it as if they were there!