Charles Devonshire

Charles Devonshire: Protagonist

Gladia Limbauski: Supporting Character

In 1945 Charles Devonshire traveled to Palestine in search of family secrets and to find answers

to the most important keys of life we all desire to know: What is one's purpose in life? In the 1940s

the press didn't always cover troubling details like they do today, so he had no idea about the volatile

area he was headed into.

Charles meets Gladia while applying to the Technion university in Haifa, Palestine:

Communication between men and women can be very complex even under the best of circumstances. But these two had many additional challenges. Not only did they come from opposite cultures from around the world, but they'd also met in the midst one of the longest lasting feuds of all time; A battle that has been bitterly fought from ancient biblical times until this very day.

At first sight, Charles averted his stare from Gladia and immediately realized his rudeness by doing so. After getting over the shock of what he saw on her, he was instantly attracted to her. Her curvaceous body and charming broken English ignited his curiosity and intrigue. He'd never met anyone like her from his hometown of Los Angeles, CA.

But what really surprised Charles was the level of attention Gladia paid to him. He was used to young ladies back home shunning him and showing no interest in his vast level of intelligence, love for books and deeper issues in life. And besides her mutual interest in those things, Gladia captured everyone's heart with her unique personality and insight into the only world she had known--the middle ground between Jews and Arabs.

Charles was enchanted with Gladia's zeal and passion, because she was so opposite of his serious/intellectual personality. And when he became convinced by her affectionate signals, he was sure love and romance was on the horizon. And that's when the painful challenges began.

"Rebirth" will tug on your heart with this very nontraditional and complex relationship between two young adults trying to fight for a new homeland while trying to evade Arab radicals who combed the territory looking to eliminate Jews and their collaborators.