ISRAEL TOURS: David is currently available to give a compelling Pro-Israel Presentation entitled, "Prophecies that led to Israel's Rebirth"


Inspire people to visit ISRAEL:

Based on extensive studies and research for "Rebirth" Dave summarized a brief teaching experience entitled “Prophecies that led to Israel’s rebirth.” The presentation is designed to inspire/encourage believers to join your next Israel tour…

(A timely presentation to accompany your tour announcement.)

Since 1978, God has gifted Dave as a writer/teacher and professional multimedia producer/narrator. He has used these gifts to produce a seven-minute video (with no voice over on the video) based on Rebirth’s account of Israel’s reestablishment in 1948. Then, he narrates to the video 'live' while the theatrical images and sounds are displayed on a projector.

The gripping (but family safe) images, video, music and sound effects illustrate a strong pro-Israel message based on prophecies in Leviticus chapter 26, Amos 9:14,15 and other related scriptures. After experiencing this “live narration” in harmony with sound and images, viewers have taken away a vivid summary of how Israel was reestablished through the fulfillment of prophecies; This dramatic story telling is similar to how Jesus taught with parabels.

The content is pastor and rabbi endorsed:

“Dave Longeuay's presentation is powerful and professional. Our congregation was encouraged and learned new things about Israel. I would highly recommend any fellowship to have Dave come and share Rebirth’s compelling message with their congregation.”

—Trent Douglass, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel Saving Grace (714) 993-4801 x113


a live presentation unlike any other

"In 19 years of ministry, I've never seen anything like this."

—Pastor Trent Douglass

Sr. Pastor, CC Saving Grace

".. Your congregation will take away a much clearer understanding of how Israel was reestablished ..."

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