After three years of intense research and writing, author Dave Longeuay went to great lengths to make Rebirth both historically accurate and exciting to read as an entertaining novel.

"It was difficult to make Rebirth 100% Jewish, Christian and secular friendly since each group has requirements to satisfy their reading investments. But everyone who has read it in each of these groups was extremely pleased. That's not to say I didn't get complaints. Several anti-Semitic individuals hate this book!"

The question Dave gets the most? How does Rebirth support Israel?

By showing each reader the legal and legitimate channels the Jews took to create Israel in the 1940s. But Rebirth goes way beyond that; The story weaves the reader into each gripping event that led Holocaust survivors to rise into a mighty superpower in the Middle East and become the most controversial nation in history!

However, Rebirth is not just a war-torn story of military battles that led to the largest military upset in world history. The story goes deeper into the human spirit and has a heart tugging love story that shows the challenges of intercultural differences of strengths and weaknesses.

Rebirth also shows the incredible strength that faith in scriptures can accomplish. And the phenomenon of the Zionist network (of mostly Jews and Christians) banding together to defy three formidable enemies just after Hitler fell from power: Post war Nazi war criminals, the Palestinian ruling British government who opposed Jews and the aggressive Arab neighboring countries who still persecute and attack Jews to this very day. All three of these enemies violently stood in the way of the prophetic word that predicted the only nation in world history to be reestablished.

Equally astonishing for a 2000 year old nation coming back to life was the resurrection of the Hebrew language, customs and land cultivations; Especially the land. Palestine was a barren desert according to Winston Churchill prior to the large influx of Holocaust survivors after WWII. He publicly congratulated the Jews for transforming Palestine from "desert swamps" to its lush state in the following years.

Rebirth is filled with amazing accounts of how God works miracles when the circumstances seem impossible. Readers will be encouraged knowing that God can do the same in their own lives! Rebirth also reminds us how history repeats itself and how we can learn many relevant lessons from the past.

The reliability of a controversial novel