David Walker:

Charles' best friend was a good representation of a 1940s American Jew, who kept his heritage secret. While there was a large population of Jews in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area, Southern California was also one of Hitler's leading centers for spreading anti-Semitic literature. Unfortunately, David experienced anti-Semitism from Charles' father. Ironically, Charles' father was a mass distributor of propaganda and forced Charles to help spread Hitler's poison. These repulsive behaviors among other things, led to Charles fleeing to Palestine.

Through actual historical documents and research, Rebirth tells about the numerous resources of Hitler's propaganda and how easily it was accepted and spread publicly throughout Southern California. Author, Dave Longeuay personally remembers growing up in the 1960s in a suburb of Los Angeles and seeing Nazi houses with the swastika flag waving from its front porch.

David met up with Charles in Palestine and also joined the secret underground of the Haganah (Haganah means "The Defense.") Jewish military. Charles, Gladia and David were jointly assigned various duties in the Haganah and formed a tight personal and working relationship while dodging near misses of mortars and Arab snipers who regularly took pot-shots at Jews. They experienced the complex troubles of the land and saw first hand many of the volatile events that led to Israel becoming a nation.

David's courageous acts will demonstrate many of the American Jews who gave up the "good life" in America to fight for Jewish survival, as he and many others were instrumental in preventing the anticipated "Holocaust of the Middle east."